The Bengali Hindu marriage is some weird extravaganza. I never thought I could go through all those rituals and regulations and drama for not one, but three whopping days. But my wife-to-be was insistent, so were my parents. After all, they're pretty sure (and I'm too, of course) that this is a one-time event in my life so we needed to make the best out of it. I agreed and made my own plans.

What does it feel like when you actually marry the woman you're in love with for more than half a decade? How do you live that very moment? How does it feel to be the center of everyone's attention for those precious hours? For all I know, it's like living in a trance, letting everything rush all over me. From little details to the bigger pictures, I know that in the end we're to be man and wife. All the celebration that goes in between are for people around me. Me, I was just passing through.

[This wouldn't succeed without the constant support from my wife. I thank her for putting up with this madness during her own wedding. My family and friends also supported me a lot]

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